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Chronic Diseases:The World"s Leading Killer

  Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in the world.Yet health experts say these conditions are often the most preventable.Chronic diseases include heart disease,stroke,cancer,diabetes(糖尿病)and lung disorders.

  The World Health Organization says chronic diseases lead to about seventeen million early deaths each year.This United Nations agency expects more than three hundred eighty million people to die of chronic diseases by two thousand fifteen.It says about eighty percent of the deaths will happen in developing nations.

  The WHO says chronic diseases now cause two-thirds of all deaths in the Asia-Pacific area.In ten years it could be almost three-fourths.People are getting sick in their most economically productive years.In fact,experts say chronic diseases are killing more middle-aged people in poorer countries than in wealthier ones.

  The WHO estimates that chronic diseases will cost China alone more than five hundred thousand million dollars in the next ten years.That estimate represents the costs of medical treatment and lost productivity.Russia and lndia are also expected to face huge economic losses.

  Kim Hak-Su is the head of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.Last ween in Bangkok he presented a WHO report on the problem.It says deaths from chronic diseases have increased largely as the result of economic gains in many countries.

  The report details the latest findings from nine countries.They include Brazil,Britain,Canada,China,India and Nigeria.The others are Pakistan,Russia and Tanzania.

  Mister Kim says infectious and parasitic(寄生的)diseases have until recently been the main killers in Asia and the Pacific.But he says they are no longer the major cause of death in most countries.

  Health officials say as many as eighty percent of deaths from chronic diseases could be prevented.They say an important tool for governments is to restrict the marketing of alcohol and tobacco to young people.Also,more programs are needed to urge healthy eating and more physical activity.

  UN officials aim through international action to reduce chronic-disease deaths by two percent each year through two thousand fifteen.They say meeting that target could save thirty-six million lives.That includes twenty-five million in Asia and the Pacific.

  36.How many people in developing countries will probably die of chronic diseases by 2015?   A.More than 17 million.   B.More than 380 million.   C.More than 304 million.   D.More than 25 million.

  37.Due to chronic diseases China will have to face   A.great pressure from other countries.   B.a limited economic market.   C.a shortage of the labor force.   D.huge economic losses.

  38.Which can NOT be learned from the passage?   A.Many chronic-disease deaths are preventable.   B.Chronic diseases are the major cause of death in most countries.   C.Chronic diseases are killing more middle-aged people than elderly people.   D.Eonomic gains in many countries have contributed to chronic-disease deaths.

  39.Until recently the main killers in Asia and the Pacific have been   A.economic gains.   B.lost productivity.   C.chronic diseases.   D.infectious and parasitic diseases.

  40.Which is NOT mentioned as a way to prevent chronic-disease deaths?   A.Timely medical treatment.   B.Healthy eating.   C.More physical activity.   D.Reduction in drinking and smoking.   第三篇

Joyce Sipes and Mary Ellen Dodge

  When Joyce Sipes was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999,she shared the news immediately with her sister Mary Ellen Dodge.Mary Ellen was there for her-helping her through the terror,and the fear,and the thousand questions that are inevitably a part of hearing the word"cancer".

  Fortunately,a friend at work who had had a similar diagnosis highly recommended Alonzo Walker,MD,Medical College of Wisconsin surgical oncologist(外科肿瘤学家)and director of the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Breast Cancer Program.Joyce made an appointment.At an initial consultation,Dr.Walker spent two hours with Joyce and her husband.Joyce was so reassured;she cancelled her appointment to get a second opinion elsewhere.

  Ultimately,Joyce"s cancer required a mastectomy(乳房切除术).Reconstructive surgery took place right away.She came to think of Dr.Walker as her partner,"not just my doctor."And the Froedtert nurses,she says,were"very unusual and impressive."

  As it turned out,Joyce would soon have the chance to do something important for her sister Mary Ellen.During her own cancer treatment,Joyce suggested that Mary Ellen should get herself checked through the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Breast Cancer Program.In addition to its opportunities for examination and screening,the hospital had established a program especially for women in families at high risk for cancer.Sure enough,it turned our that Mary Ellen had some cysts(囊肿),one of which was dangerous enough that it needed to be surgically removed.She"s fine now-thanks to Joyce"s suggestion.

  Both sisters experienced firsthand how Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin offers more than leading-edge technology and the unmatched experience of physicians in an academic medical center.It offers a comrehensive team approach-of consultation,collaboration,and care-all focused on the individual patient.That"s why Joyce came to think of Froedtert,throughout the process of her treatment,as being her "security blanket".

  Joyce Sipes has been cancer-free five years now-an important milestone(里程碑)for breast cancer survivors.Joyce and Mary Ellen are together once again in their workshop in Joyce"s home,making the beautiful market baskets,bread baskets,muffin(松饼)baskets,and Nantucket baskets that they-and their customers-love.

  41.What did Mary Ellen do for her cancer-stricken sister?   A.She recommended Dr.Walket.   B.She kept her from being disturbed.   C.She asked her a lot of questions.   D.She comforted her as much as she could.

  42.After talking with Dr.Walker,Joyce decided   A.to get a second opinion elsewhere.   B.not to see any other doctors.   C.to give up treatment.   D.not to trust him.

  43.Thanks to Joyce"s suggestion,Mary Ellen got   A.an opportunity to work as a nurse.   B.the same surgical procedure as her sister.   C.a timely check and treatment for breast cancer.   D.a chance to work for the Breast Cancer Program.

  44.Which is NOT true of Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin?   A.It does not care much about the individual patient.   B.It offers more than leading-edge technology.   C.Its physicians have unique experience.   D.It adopts a comprehensive team approach.

  45.It can be seen from the last paragraph that the two sisters   A.are leading a sad and lonely life.   B.are still at high risk of breast cancer.   C.are leaming to make various kinds of baskets.   D.very much enjoy their present life and work.

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